Individual Therapy

We offer individual therapy for children, teens and young adults. Our licensed clinical therapists strive to provide you with a safe, caring and validating environment-- to explore feelings, beliefs, coping patterns and behaviors.

We take a collaborative approach to help you better understand yourself, set goals and work towards personal growth and greater self knowledge. 

Family Therapy

We offer family therapy to help individuals improve communication, resolve conflict and process stressful family transitions such as divorce.


Together, we deepen family connections by problem solving and teaching you how to express thoughts and emotions productively. 


Busy with life and can't make it to our office? No problem! Virtual teletherapy allows individuals convenient and easy access to our clinicians. Teletherapy gives us the opportunity to offer our services to you anytime, anywhere.

Research shows that teletherapy can be as effective as face to face psychotherapy. Some of the benefits of teletherapy include: flexibility with scheduling, saving time commuting and enhancing vulnerability to those of you who may feel more comfortable in a familar setting.