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We Do Therapy Differently

Great therapy can and should change your life. While everyone has challenges, nobody should have to go through them alone. We are here to be your co-pilot on this journey. Our goal is for you to be seen, heard and appreciated for who you are while providing you with tools to keep you moving forward.


What Therapy Is Not

Therapy is not just talking to someone. It is a combination of clinical skills and showing up consistently and authentically. Therapy is not just for times of crisis. In fact, attending therapy consistently can help make bigger challenges that come along, easier to move through. Therapy is not a "quick fix". Although you can start applying your new skills as soon as you learn them, the real value of therapy comes from in depth work and healing to shift limiting beliefs and change unhelpful patterns of behavior.

Our Philosophy


one size does not fit all

Every human experience is unique. At TMC we do not believe in a one size fits all approach. We provide personalized and customized therapy that is client-tailored to meet your specific needs/goals.


therapy is a healthy habit

We believe your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Therapy is not about labeling yourself with a diagnosis, it's about creating a habit of emotional hygiene and investing in yourself.


we're shattering stereotypes

Our goal is to shatter the stereotype that therapy has to feel cold and formal. Therapy is a deeply personal journey that requires a genuine connection between therapist and client.


relatable and skilled therapists

Our therapists have impressive clinical backgrounds as well as life experience  to help them understand you as a human. We pride ourselves in being able to apply scientific based skills while fostering a supportive and comfortable environment.

Are you ready to start your healing journey?

a message from the founder

At The Mynd Clinic, we are here to help you build a life that you love.

Whatever path you're on, you are here because you are seeking something. You are here because you're carrying something that needs your attention. You are here because you are craving change. You are here because you are drained from the negative patterns you are in. You are here because you just want to be listened to.

We hear you.

We see you. 

We accept you.

We've been there before and we are thrilled to walk alongside you as you do this hard work.


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