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Let's begin your journey towards living your best life!

We will empower you with the tools and support needed to resolve issues, increase your self-worth and break free of negative patterns.

Individual Therapy
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Individual Therapy

Therapy is our first line of defense for becoming un-stuck and beginning the healing journey!

The benefits of therapy go well beyond managing a crisis. There is also a stigma that therapy is only for people with mental illness. Let's be honest, we all struggle at some point! 


Maybe you are going through a massive life transition, having a major interpersonal conflict, experiencing minor difficulties, OR you just want to learn more about yourself to become the best version of you. There is no criteria for therapy.  


Seeking to be the best version of you is going to require self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-control and really hard work. By attending therapy regularly and maintaining a relationship with your therapist you can be preventative and deal with issues before they become disastrous. 


Our therapists work to establish a trusting relationship with you and ensure you have access to a safe space. We will provide you with undivided attention, unbiased guidance and feedback and reserve judgement. . 


We take a collaborative approach to help you better understand yourself, set goals and work towards personal growth and greater self knowledge. You will leave feeling empowered and enabled as we provide the right tools and support as you work towards transcending your mind.

Family Therapy
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Family Therapy

In family therapy our goal is to address psychological, behavioral and emotions issues that are causing disruption in the family unit.

Family therapy is generally short-term and focuses on specific goals. It explores the patterns, conflicts, and ways of communicating in your family system. It may include all family members or just those able or willing to participate. Family therapy sessions can teach you skills to deepen family connections and process family transitions such as divorce.

At TMC we want each member of the family to feel seen and heard by having each individual's experience validated. Our therapists will aid each member of the family in acknowledging their role in the family unit and accepting responsibility for their actions.

In our family sessions we promote healthier relationships and emotional well-being within the family system. Our therapists are committed to helping your family achieve a sense of togetherness and restoring family functioning for a more harmonious home environment.


When given a safe space with a trained therapist, you can not only address current conflicts in the family but also prevent the development or escalation of future problems. TMC's therapists will provide you with tools to better manage issues before they become larger concerns.


Child & Teen Therapy
Child & Teen Therapy

Just like adults, children encounter stress and problems. From school to friends to family, children are not an exception to mental health issues.



If a child is displaying disruptive, maladaptive behaviors, it is a symptom of an underdeveloped skill. Children would behave if they could, so when children have meltdowns or act out, is it critical we are listening. This is a sign that they are stuck and can’t cope with the situation. Some may be oversensitive to stress and have an overactive fight-or-flight response. Others may lack health coping skills that are needed to navigate a situation. Behavior has a function and is never aimless. 

We take a step back and investigate what the behavior is communicating. We take inventory of the child's environment to try and build an understanding of what is driving the behavior based on their developmental level. Then we work with caregivers to provide tools, guidance and a behavior plan that creates lasting change and improvement. 

Teens go through various emotional challenges related to academics, friendships, self-esteem, identity and belonging. They are experiencing peer pressure, bullying, exposure to drugs, alcohol and risky behaviors, sexual activity, physical changes of puberty coupled with influence from social media's ideal body image. These issues can be complex and intertwined which is why this is a peak time for onset of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.  

At TMC we provide a safe and non-judgmental space for teens to express their feelings and receive support. We will help them to develop healthy coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills. Our therapists teach them how to better understand themselves, their thoughts and behaviors. Additionally, therapy can provide them with effective tools for communication, conflict resolution, boundary-setting and managing stress related to schoolwork. 

Regular therapy sessions to maintain emotional hygiene can improve their overall well-being and aid in healthier relationships with peers and parents. Once they gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses and personal values you will notice stronger self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Children and teen's brains are still developing and early intervention can have significant impact on their long-term emotional and cognitive development. Early intervention with both can identify early signs of mental health issues and potential risks. By addressing these concerns early on, we can provide necessary intervention and avoid more serious issues.

Couple Therapy
Couples Therapy

Wanting the best relationship you can have is reason enough to begin couples therapy.


Love is a feeling but a healthy relationship is a skill set. Most of us are not taught these skills growing up so we need to seek therapy to learn how to develop healthier ways of relating to one another. Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy focused on helping a couples work through challenges, understand their relationship better, and get unstuck from painful dynamics that keep getting repeated.

Some couples come to therapy and learn how to be better partners to each other and choose to stay together. Some couples come to therapy and realize they don't want to be together anymore. Some couples only need a few session to resolve a specific challenge and others need continued maintenance and ongoing support. The length of time depends on the severity of the problem combined with the amount of effort a couple is willing to put in.


At TMC our couples therapist is a neutral party that is there to help you discover the best choice for you and your partner and help you navigate the process as mindfully and efficiently as possible. We will guide the conversation in ways that help both partner's to understand each other's perspective. We will also assist you in learning how to validate one another's feelings, develop new ways of approaching conflict and grow not only as a couple but individually.

Healthy couples can benefit from couples therapy as well. Maybe you want to make your good relationship even better and learn new relationship skills by improving communication and emotional connection. Rather than seeing couples therapy as a last resort when things are going awry, view it as a preventative measure to maintain a healthy relationship.


Telehealth Therapy

Therapy can be both convenient and effective!

Busy with life and can't make it to our office? No problem! We offer HIPPA complicant virtual teletherapy that allows you convenient and easy access to our therapists. Teletherapy gives us the opportunity to offer our services to you anytime, anywhere.

Research shows that teletherapy can be as effective as face to face psychotherapy. Some of the benefits of teletherapy include: flexibility with scheduling, saving time commuting and enhancing vulnerability to those of you who may feel more comfortable in a familiar setting. Many of our clients do both! 

Diagnostic Assessment 

Labeling your symptoms doesn't relieve them but it is a step forward in the process of getting effective treatment to reduce or eliminating them.

A Diagnostic Assessment is a comprehensive, biopsychosocial assessment that includes clinical evaluation of an individual's general physical, mental, social, developmental, and family history. This framework emphasizes the importance of  biological, psychological and sociocultural factors on human development and mental health functioning. The information we gather during the assessment helps us to determine your needs and recommend appropriate services.

Some individuals with mental health conditions may experience relief and validation after receiving a diagnosis, others may experience fear and anger that they have an illness. While we focus on symptoms and not labels to improve your quality of life there can be some benefits for having a name for the things that are bothering you such as: a tool for your primary care physician, receiving medical care, medication referral, evaluating future health risks, disability support, job protection (FMLA), access to additional services, and school support (IEP, 504 plans).

Corporate Wellness Training 

Chronic workplace stress is being referred to as an "epidemic" due to the serious implications if symptoms go unmanaged.

Recently, the World Health Organization has classified workplace burnout as an official medical diagnosis. According to the International Classification of Diseases symptoms include: a feeling of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from one's job, feelings of negativism or cynicism related to the job and reduced professional efficacy. 

Not only does burnout lead to disengaged employees that impacts productivity, it can also be responsible for high employee turnover. It is critical for employers to take preventative measures to promote mental health well-being in the workplace and address these issues pragmatically. 

Our corporate wellness program partners with your business to educate employees on mental health topics, guides on how to avoid burnout and the importance of self care in the workplace.

When employers prioritize mental health and incorporate self care, employees will be healthier and happier, feel supported, increase productivity, deliver better service to customers, avoid absenteeism and display more loyalty to the organization.

Invest in the health and well-being of your employees by staying attuned to their needs and putting your people first. Let us come to you!

Professional Consultation 

As therapists, it is imperative that we seek help in order to do the best for our clients and our profession.

Too often clinicians do not get the support they need. Consultation is a collaborative approach that allows us to discuss our experiences, process difficult or challenging situations, talk through issues related to countertransference, receive feedback on complex trauma cases, and learn new clinical techniques and interventions. 


We offer both individualized and group consultation services for mental health professionals and trainees. Make consultation a part of your self-care and contact us today to learn more!

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