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Who We Are

The Mynd Clinic is an intimate private practice clinic dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of children, teens and young adults. We take a compassionate, collaborative approach to deliver evidence-based interventions that address mental health symptoms.


Our aim is to relieve emotional distress, improve functioning and empower individuals to reach their most optimal well-being by transcending the inner most self, the mind.


Our Philosophy

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a psychology theory that is compromised of human needs. The theory suggests humans motivation is based on individuals seeking fulfillment and change through personal growth. Every individual is capable of moving up the hierarchy towards the ultimate level of self actualization.

Maslow later expanded his model to incorporate cognitive, aesthetic , and transcendence needs including: knowledge and understanding, exploration, needs for meaning, predictability, experiences with nature, service to others, and pursuit of spirituality, faith or religion. For Maslow, personal growth and discovery is present throughout our lives and self transcendence is a continual process.


At The Mynd Clinic we help you to reach your most optimal well being by transcending the self. Our clinicians offer high quality mental health services to reduce psychological distress and enhance your quality of life. We take a collaborative approach and offer evidence-based treatment interventions to assist you in realizing your personal potential, self fulfillment, and inner growth to


"become everything one is capable of becoming"

(Maslow, 1987).

Multicultural Mission

We pride ourselves on being cultural competent clinicians and respect the importance of culture in our practice, policy and research. We value acceptance and appreciation for differences among individuals. We provide empowerment and advocacy for individuals inclusive of national origin, race, social class, religious and spiritual beliefs, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, and physical or mental disabilities. 


13119 W Linebaugh Ave #101 Suite D

Tampa, FL 33626

Tel: (813) 321-7997

E-mail: Admin@TheMyndClinic.com

Hours: Monday - Thursday 12:00pm to 8:00pm EST

By appointment only.

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