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A mental health clinic in Tampa, FL
offering in person and online therapy services for children, teens, adults, couples & families

Our team of licensed mental health therapists are on a mission to create a modern, trusting,  inclusive - and dare we - environment where we  normalize emotional hygiene and have REAL conversations.

Empowering individuals to live for a better today and transcend towards a happier tomorrow. Your first step towards transcending your mind.


Gone are the days your therapist psychoanalyzes your life while you lie on the couch wondering what they’re scribbling on that clipboard! We believe in empowering the individual because YOU are the expert on your life, not us.
The Mynd Clinic is an intimate private practice in Tampa, FL that is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of children, teens, adults, couples and families. We take a modern, empathetic, and collaborative approach to psychotherapy where we engage in an equal partnership to find workable solutions that are unique to your needs and circumstances.
We won't fix you- because you're not broken! We are all made of strength and struggle. Let our staff of licensed mental health therapists show up for you and earn the right to hear your story. 

We put a modern twist on evidenced-based techniques

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a psychology theory that is compromised of human needs. The theory suggests human motivation is based on individuals seeking fulfillment and change through personal growth. Every individual is capable of moving up the hierarchy towards the ultimate level of self actualization. For Maslow, personal growth and discovery is present throughout our lives and self transcendence is a continual process. 

At The Mynd Clinic, our licensed mental health therapists can help you to reach your most optimal well being by transcending your inner most self, your mind. Our clinicians offer high quality mental health services aimed to reduce psychological distress and enhance your quality of life. We offer evidence-based treatment interventions to assist you in realizing your personal potential, self fulfillment, and inner growth to "become everything one is capable of being." (Maslow, 1987)



01. Modernization

This is not traditional therapy- This is effective therapy HOW and WHEN you need it. We stay current and embrace new treatments, methods, and technology. 

Child/Teen Therapy

Healthy minds create thriving kids. How do you know if your child needs help?

Adult therapy

Did you know everyone (even happy people) can benefit from therapy?

Family Therapy

Having difficulty understanding and communicating with a family member?

Couples Therapy

Tired of trying to fix your relationship on your own? Having the same argument over and over?






Life Transitions


Social Anxiety


Body Image




Charley held me together when everything around me was broken. She changed my life for the better and I am finally feeling like myself again"
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Mental Health Clinic in Tampa, FL with licensed Mental Health Therapists
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Address: 6911 Pistol Range Rd, Ste 104
Tampa, FL 33635
Phone: (813) 321-7997
Hours: Monday - Friday
9:00AM to 8:00PM ET

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